Fire Prevention Association of Massachusetts Conference

 May 6 & 7, 2019


Vendor Day

Monday May 6th

Plan to visit with our Vendors during the day.

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Vendors will be available from 8am to 5pm

May 6, 2019

730am             Registration Continental breakfast

9am                 Welcome – Opening Ceremony

930am             Session A1 – BDA  Acceptance testing and final inspection for the fire prevention officer– John Houlihan

                        This two hour session will cover the requirements for acceptance testing for BDA installations and also cover the                             final inspection requirements from a fire prevention code aspect.


930am             Session A2 – Smoke and CO alarm requirements – Mike Grossman

                        This 2 hour session will review the installation of smoke alarms and CO alarms per the requirements of both 527                             CMR1.0 and 780 CMR



1030am           Break



11am               Session A1 – BDA acceptance and inspection continued



11am               Session A2 – Smoke and CO continued


12pm               Lunch

1pm                 General Session – DFS Side by side sprinkler prop. Mike Young/ DFS

                        This General session will go over how to use the side by side prop and will include a live demonstration.


230pm             Break


3pm                Session B1 – Chapter 34 Existing Building Code – Dana Haagensen

                        This session will cover the requirements of Chapter 34 of the building code. When do you apply it and what is                                   involved   


3pm                Session B2 – Photovoltaics Q & A – Jen Hoyt DFS

                       This interactive session will discuss the various code and safety issues surrounding the PV industry.  This will be a                           question and answer format so bring your questions.


530pm            Social Hour – Cash Bar

630pm            Dinner  (Included in full program registration)

May 7, 2019

8am                 Registration Continental Breakfast

9am                 Business meeting –


930am             C1 – Oil Burner Installations What to inspect - DFS

                        This session will review the inspection requirements for oil burner installations


930am             C2 –  Plan Review Documentation– Kurt Ruchala

                        This presentation will cover the documentation requirements for obtaining a building permit within the                                                Commonwealth of Massachusetts for fire protection systems.  We will review Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 submittal                              requirements as outlined in Section 901.2.1 of the Massachusetts State Building Code – 9th edition.  We will also                            discuss the documentation requirements found in Chapter 4 on Special Occupancies, Chapter 17 Special                                        Inspections, and Chapter 34 Existing Buildings


1030am           Break



1045am           D1 – – History of Fire part 2 – Tim Kelly, Dep Chief Devens Fire 

                        History of Fire in America” will look at the origins of many of our codes by looking at historical fires and the lessons                         learned from them. Fire Prevention Officers can learn from the past and look at cases in history where we have                               made tragic mistakes by not learning from History. Often when a Fire Prevention Officer is speaking to a building                             owner about a code violation, understanding the history that created that code can allow the Fire Prevention Officer                         to educate the building owner as to why the code exists.  Sometimes when building owners know why the code                               exists, they are more likely to comply with its requirements.  This class will equip Fire Prevention Officers with the                           history behind some of our most important codes.



1045am           D2 – BBRS Appeals – Dana Haagensen

                        This session will review the appeals from the BBRS and how they affect code requirements for fire protection.


12pm              Lunch


1pm                General Session – Merrimack Valley Gas explosions lessons learned.

                        Paul Vigneau from DFS will recap the event, response and aftermath of the gas explosions and will discuss the                               lessons learned.


230pm            Session E1 – Safeguarding Construction NFPA 241 – Chris Towski, Lt Cambridge Fire

                       A panel presentation through the eyes of the fire service on the requirements and enforcement of NFPA 241,                                  Safeguarding Construction, Alternation, and Demolition Operations.  These operations present an increased                                    potential for fire due to the presence of large quantities of combustible materials and debris, as well as unusual                                ignition sources that may not be present following construction operations. Discussion will cover historic fires, the                            regulatory code path, gaps in the construction industry and real life examples of some of the issues commonly                                found.


230pm            Session E2 – Spray Booths –Code requirements for automotive shops – DFS

                        This session will review the code and safety requirements for spray booths located in automotive repair shops. 


4pm                Conference ends