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Fire Prevention Association of Massachusetts Conference

 May 4 & 5, 2020


Vendor Day

Monday May 4th

Plan to visit with our Vendors during the day.

Their support helps to make our conference a success.

Vendors will be available from 8am to 5pm

May 4, 2020

730am             Registration Continental breakfast

9am                 Welcome – Opening Ceremony

930am             Session A1 – NFPA Hot works certification class – Chris Towski

                             This two hour session will prepare students to take the NFPA hot works certification test

                        Please note there will be a separate sign in for this session and there is a separate $25.00

                        fee payable to FPAM due the day of the conference.  This must be paid by check or cash.

                        The test will be held at 430pm after the final educational session for May 4th


930am             Session A2 – Social Media for the Fire Department – Rob Reardon Duxbury Fire

                        If your organization is doing social media this class will provide you the tools you need to be more effective.  If your                          organization isn’t doing social media yet this class will educate you on the successes so many organizations are                              seeing.  We will review not only the good but the pitfalls departments have experienced with social media.  As                                  much as social media is a great tool it can also be a career ender and this class will discuss your employees                                    personal social media use.  



1030am           Break



11am               Session A1 – Hot Works continued



11am               Session A2 – Social Media continued


12pm               Lunch

1pm                 General Session  Keynote,

                        Wayne Miller ATF retired– Burn Boston Burn – The Largest Arson case in the History of the Country.                                                                    

                        Retired Agent Wayne Miller will speak on this true crime story involing a conspiracy of 9 men including 3 Boston                              Cops and a Boston Firefighter that burned Boston and surrounding communities in the early 80’s due to tax cutting                          measures that resulted in the layoffs of hundreds of police and firefighters.

230pm             Break


3pm                Session B1 – Chapter 148A Non Criminal Ticketing – Matt Murray DFS

                        This session will cover the requirements for Non-Criminal ticketing  


3pm                Session B2 – NFPA 3 & 4 overview – Peter Harrod Code Red Consultants

                       In this session, Code Red Consultants will discuss aspects of NFPA 3: Standard for Commissioning of Fire                                       Protection and Life Safety Systems and NFPA 4: Standard for Integrated Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems                             which provide a framework for testing and inspection of fire and life safety systems.  In particular this presentation                           will focus on integrated testing of these systems which is intended to validate that proper coordination across                                   multiple trades has occurred so that the systems will function as required during a fire emergency.  Code                                         requirements for NFPA 4 integrated testing which are located in the 2018 edition of NFPA 1 and the proposed next                          edition of the State Building Code will be discussed as they relate to new and existing buildings in the                                               Commonwealth.

430pm            NFPA Hot Works exam

530pm            Social Hour – Cash Bar

630pm            Dinner  (Included in full program registration)

May 5, 2020

8am                 Registration Continental Breakfast

9am                 Business meeting –


930am             C1 – BDA  Acceptance testing and final inspection for the fire prevention officer

                       This two hour session will cover the requirements for acceptance testing for BDA installations and also cover the                             final inspection requirements from a fire prevention code aspect.


930am             C2 –  Smoke alarms – Jake Nunnemacher DFS

                        This session will review current technology and the code requirements as well as discuss emerging technology                                and the code implications.


1030am           Break



1045am           D1 – BDA continued


1045am           D2 – Fire sprinklers and firefighter safety – Mike Young NFSA

                       This session will review the importance of sprinklers not only in commercial structures but in residential as well.                               The session will also highlight the requirements and also the benefits and safety to firefighter health.or fire                                        protection.


12pm              Lunch


1pm                General Session –Bed and Breakfast, Air BnB, conversions – Jake Nunnemacher, Kristen Nich

                        This general session will cover the requirements for building conversions to and new construction of B 7 B’s, Air                              BnB’s, etc.


230pm            Session E1 – Case studies codes for automotive shops – Jake Nunnemacher DFS

                       This session will review the code and safety requirements for repair garages.


230pm            Session E2 – NFPA 72 – Jerry Delaney DEI Systems

                        This session will review NFPA 72 as it relates to the fire and building codes. 


4pm                Conference ends




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