Presidents Message

Chris Towski




What a great turnout last month.


Thanks to Bob Mackendrick for filling in for Norm with the blessing of the meeting.


Thanks to Dean Melanson for his insight with nightclubs and tie in with how we got here with tragedy, the laws and regulations in place to support our mission, what to look for as guidance with inspections and how to use enforcement tools.


Thanks to Jake and Matt from the DFS Engineers and Compliance Units for their inputs with common problems and future changes.


Thanks to Mike Young for his involvement with keeping a watchful eye on the higher-level legislative proposals and bills.


Remember to register as early as possible for the meetings to lock in your spot. Also be sure to sign in (and out when required) to help you track your own attendance as they suit your needs for reimbursements and credentials.Make sure we have your desired email address correct. Check your email spam and junk folders and your community information technology departments as needed if things are being missed.


Please consider being more active within the organization. We all have great experiences to share. We are always welcoming to different visions and perspectives.


Looking forward to seeing everyone at next month's double educational session quarterly meeting.


Be safe,