Presidents Message

Chris Towski


Hello Everyone,


Happy New Year and welcome back. Unexpectedly our guest speaker last month needed to cancel due to a family emergency. Hopefully all turned out well and we can have him back for a future presentation on NFPA 72.As an interim Jake Nunnemacher was able to fill in and provide us with his own version of a Q & A panel discussion. This approach sparked much discussion and many questions.


The world of fire safety regulations does not always go down a clear path and we are fortunate to have our own members be able to enlighten us as a group to keep us going the right direction.


The next time you go into an elevator or onto an escalator, try to remember John O'Donoghue. His work over the last 50 or so years, has been instrumental with keeping us as safe as possible during fire events around these machines.


Remember to be sure to register as early as possible for the meetings to lock in your spot. Also be sure to sign in (and out when required) to help you track your own attendance as they suit your needs for reimbursements and credentials.


Looking forward to seeing everyone next month.


Be safe,