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April Educational Meeting

Back in Person

This months meeting will be held on;

April 12, 2022

at 10:00AM

at the 


Auburn Elks

754 Southbridge St, 

Auburn, MA 01501


  Deadline for Reservations is 


Thursday April 7th at 5PM






This months topic

Paul Goldense - Goldense Building Products and Jeff Batick 

Fire Door Assembly Inspectors

Do you require documentation when fire doors are installed in an new building? In a rehab?


Do you require a current inspection during your inspections.


Learn what to look for?


Fire Door Assemblies - 

Paul will showcase the latest trends in doors and hardware. Through an interactive presentation participants will learn about the many types of fire doors, frames, and hardware installed in buildings today and the code requirements for them.


They are planning on bringing fire door assemblies.


527 CMR 1 12.4.1 and IBC 716.5 fire doors must be installed per referenced code nfpa 80. NFPA 80 then speaks about an acceptance testing and inspection in section 5.2 and 5.2.3 speaks on acceptance testing. Its pretty specific. I have taken photos of this section for your reference.


527 1 states Periodic inspections and testing shall be performed no less than annually.

Deadline for Reservations is Thursday April 7 , 2022 at 5PM